Exhibition, Seeking Silicon Valley at ZERO1 Biennial, San Jose, California.
[September 12 - December 8, 2012]

Production team:
Ming Lung Chiang - technical engineer
Julien Ottavi/APO33 - Pd sound patch
Hideo Takashima - 3D baby design and animation
Roger Sennert - server and web programming support
Byron Ryono - super helper
Mayukh Sen - production assistant and sound research

Very special thanks to:
Zero1 executive producer: Joel Slayton
Zero1 curatorial: Jaime Austin and Anne Babel
Zero1 exhibition producer: Mark Shunney
Yen-Chang Chou of Taipei Cultural Center
Evelyn O'Donnell of Green Mouse Recycling

exhibition photo documentation: Patrick M. Lydon - download exhibition photos
Keyboard E-trash donated and recollected by Green Mouse Recycling
Exhibition funding provided by Taipei Cultural Center

installation/opening night photos by SlCheang, MLChiang & PMLydon.